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Israel Northern Coast Line and Waterfront
National Master Plan # 13  2007
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National Master Plan 13 for Israel Northern coastline ​


Ministry of Interior, Israel 

Main project features:

The plan encouraged tourism development, and sea oriented activities and facilities

Main issues:

  • A comprehensive natural resources survey.

  • Carrying capacity analysis of the future  tourism and recreation.

  • Future demands for Marinas and water sports.

  • Generation of waterfront and marinas alternative locations and designs.

  • 3-D  simulations of proposed development of Public Beaches, Hotels, Promenades, Parks and marinas.

  • Legislation of future land uses and activities along the waterfront and the sea coast.

Haifa Bay Region
National Master Plan # 30  2011

National Master Plan –  N.M.P. 30  


Haifa Bay area, Israel


Ministries of Interior, Environment and Infrastructure

Main project features:

The plan directs a process of reduction of hazards, while changing dramatically the land use concept of the area by designating a new metropolitan core, a new transportation hub, and expansion of Haifa Port to be one of the biggest in the middle east.

Activities performed:

  1. Hazard analysis and survey.

  2. Developing of a new paradigm for the future of the region.

  3. Developing legislative and institutional new tools for hazard and environmental control.

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