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Consultation Methodology in national planning

The National Land Use and Development Master Plan is one of the most prioritized plans stemming from Vision 2050 of both countries, Uganda and Rwanda. Both countries adopt an interactive approach in which all sectors, which are land users have to be analyzed in parallel, feeding and influencing each other, to produce for each of them land consumption demands for 2050. To have an all-inclusive National Development Master Plan and ensure ownership by every party, it is necessary to consult all the significant stakeholders and collect their comments and observations and incorporate them into the final plan.

Hence, our methodology is to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the various categories of stakeholders, their varying interests, and expectations. The stakeholders are categorized and suitable measures are adopted to meet their needs, expectations in the most comfortable way. The key stakeholders are to be categorized into 5 groups:

  • Category A- GBA’s (Governmental Bodies & Authorities)

  • Category B- Regional Stakeholders

  • Category C- Business and Private Sector Category

  • Category D- Professional Bodies and Academia  

  • Category E - Non-governmental organization (NGO’s )

  • Category F - Media.

In each project a few dozens of government institutions are consulted, and focal persons from each institution is supported in organizing focused group discussions that are under their respective sectors. Specific advisory groups are selected from the relevant government institutions convening at different stages of the project to evaluate the progress and provide guidance on the way forward.  All districts or regions are visited and consulted on issues like competitiveness, capacity, and challenges. Participants in these meetings include mayors and vice mayors, executive secretaries, directors of planning and GIS, representatives of civil societies, security organs. Radio and TV talk shows are hosted to engage the general public. Specific sector consultations are conducted to discuss the progress made as well as consolidate various ideas, inputs, and comments from multiple key stakeholders.

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