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We shape our buildings, and afterward, our buildings shape us.”

Winston Churchill in a speech in the House of Commons on October 28, 1944.


We at TZAMIR  believe that the design of environments big, like cities or small, like buildings,  is a result of people's and designer's ideas.  After environments are occupied,  they change people's ideas and behavior for better or worse. Hence, good design makes people better.

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Tzamir Architects & Planners ltd. 



The company provides a full range of Urban, Regional, and National Planning services supported by GIS proficiencies.

The practice is led by Yigal Tzamir, former Professor of Architecture & Planning at the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology). He founded Tzamir company in 1991, and since then has been leading numerous multi-disciplinary planning assignments on the national, regional, and local scales.

The firm is directed by Prof. Tzamir, founder and Partner, and by Architect Yael Oko, partner, and CEO.  Precise Ltd is an outsourced company for the firm’s financial and economic management.

Tzamir’s experience includes extensive international practice, especially in Africa over the past 10 years. The Israeli experience is even longer, beyond 30 years. It covers national physical plans, Regional and Metropolitan Plans, Urban Plans on an entire city scale, neighborhood plans, Waterfront Plans, and the design of large-scale commercial, industrial, and tourism Projects.

The firm prides itself on its comprehensive, integrated planning methodology, the implementation of “state of the art” professional tools, and on its creativity and innovation in meeting varied professional challenges through Multi-disciplinary teamwork. The company is equipped with advanced  3D simulation capacities, used mainly in Public Participation and capacity training.

The vast international experience in National Master Plans led the company to establish PLAND, a subsidiary company, focused on preparing national master plans and large-scale urban as well as rural development plans.



Prof. Yigal Tzamir

D.Sc. M.Sc. B.Sc. in Architecture and Town Planning. 

Professor of Architecture and Town Planning, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion Israel Institute of Technology (1986-2010).

President of PLAND and Tzamir Architects & Planners Ltd.  

International  expert in National Planning and Urbanization. 

Vast experience in National Planning and Metropolitan Planning in Africa since 2010 - up today.


Architect Yael Oko

B.Sc. in Architecture and Town Planning -Technion Israel Institute of Technology (1995). Head of Architecture and Urban Design Sector at  

Tzamir Architects & Planners Ltd. Since 2010.

Expert in Commercial Architecture, Housing  and  Neighbourhood Planning.

The Company's Structure

Tzamir Architects and Planners Ltd is the parent company, which includes two branches: The branch PLAND which consolidates the four sectors of national, district, urban and rural planning and the Branch of ARCHITECTURE, containing the commercial, residential and tourism sectors, as described in the scheme.   Multisectoral services are supplied by a mix of sectors as needed by each specific assignment.



Special expertise is in National Planning with a wide practice in Africa and Israel. The core experts in our firms are physical planners and architects, supported by permanent consultants in Agricultural planning, Tourism consultancy, GIS expertise , Infrastructure engineering, and Socio-economic analysis. All team members are well known and well experienced internationally.      



GIS Interational Expert

Amit Epstein, Msc.

Amit Epstein is the owner and director of  the company: 

International G.I.S. consulting and project management.

He holds M.Sc. in Urban and Regional Planning from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology  and a B.A. in Geography and Sociology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


Current consulting Activities:

G.I.S. projects execution, Project management,  Capacity building and training, National base map building and data base and system design.  Geographic data surveying. 


1.Head of G.I.S. and surveys Dept.  in Ofek Aerial Photography-Israel

2. International consulting experience in Israel, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Zambia, Italy, Uganda, Angola, Cyprus, Ghana, South Sudan, Romania, Georgia, Azerbaijan

Agricultural Planning Consultant

Liron Amdur,   Ph.d.

Ph.D.  at George-August-Universiteat Goettingen, Germany

M.Sc.  in city and regional planning at the faculty of architecture and town planning, Technion.

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (B.L.A.)Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

B.A. in  Economics Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel


Consultancy Experience:

Agriculture, Rural development, and Agricultural Economics.