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National  Physical Development Plans

Tzamir-Pland experience in national planning projects during the last 10 years has been in Rwanda, Uganda and Israel


What is a National Physical Development Plan

The need for national comprehensive Physical Plan has its rightful place as a major component of a development policies in a country: People-oriented policies including education, health, community and social welfare programs and Place-based policies which include investments in physical_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ infrastructures and settlements. The objective of spatial planning at the national level is to achieve place-based policies including spatial integration of cities, metropolitan areas, or other regional growth poles which exhibit economic growth and dynamism with those that are isolated rural areas.

Spatial Planning is a key instrument for development and effective governance. It is concerned with the problem of coordination or integration of the spatial dimension of sectoral policies through a territorially-based strategy. More complex than simple land-use regulation, it addresses the tensions and contradictions among sectoral policies, for example for conflicts between economic development, environmental and social cohesion policies.

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