Metropolitan Plans 
Kampala Master Plan - 2012

The  Conceptual Structure for Great Kampala Metropolitan Area (GKMA) is a Radial Model. This model gives special importance to the East-West directions and suggests a radial corridors system which flows from Kampala to 4 directions:  Mukono and Nakisunga / Ntenjeru to the east , Wakiso-Nansana to the north  , Ssisa/Nsangi to the south-west and Enttebe to the south. This model ensures an organized and effective system, as opposed to the unplanned and disorganized structure developing nowadays.

The proposed  scheme for Great Kampala Metropolitan Area points towards the following development efforts:

  • Strengthening the existing centres of Wakiso, Mukono and Entebbe.

  • Developing  new satellite towns in the Ssisa-Nsangi and Nakisunga-Ntenjeru areas.

  • Further development of the city proper as the heart of the metropolitan area.